Company Background

           Green Leaf Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in April 2002 by experts in sales & marketing of cosmetic and personal care business in Thailand.  Green Leaf Chemical supplies raw materials which are used in color cosmetic, personal care, toiletries, household, supplements and nutraceuticals. Presently, Green Leaf Chemical is the distributing agent of more than 20 companies from various countries such as France, China, Korea, USA, and Japan to Thai industries.

          The company is run by excellent management with a strong sales team, and is composed of 3 business units, i.e. personal care, fragrance and food supplement/nutraceutical.


          With a long experience and skills in supplying raw materials to cosmetic, personal care, and supplement business sectors, we understand our customers’ businesses and can supply suitable products to meet their needs and requirements. The Company continuously is on the lookout for new raw materials, innovative ingredients, and product range expansion to serve our customers. Further,Green Leaf Chemical is committed to transfer knowledge and technology from our worldwide suppliers to equip our customers in best possible way to advance in the competitive market.





History & Development

⇒ 2002: Establishing of Green Leaf Chemical Co., Ltd. with specialties products focusing on functional active                         ingredients for personal care industry.

⇒ 2007: Relocation to the current office, which has a connected warehouse to support the company expansion.                     Green Leaf Chemical has been appointed to be the distributing agent of personal care ingredients from                      various companies worldwide (France, China, Korea, USA, etc.) since 2003.

⇒ 2008: Expansion of business portfolio to include raw materials for food and nutraceutical products.       

⇒ 2010: Establish a dedicated application laboratory to support customers’ requirements, and to serve as a                           technical learning center for Sales & Marketing staff.

⇒ 2013: Acquisition of the second warehouse (450 square meter) in order to support supply management and the                   growth of the business.

⇒ 2016: Construction planning of a new office and a warehouse. Currently, the buildings are being built and will be                 opened in 2018. 

Vision & Core Values

  • Vision

To be a Valued Distributor of raw materials with areas of expertise in Personal Care & Supplement businesses.

  • Mission

♥  To be an innovative distributor for personal care and nutraceutical products in Thailand by transferring up-to-       date knowledge and trends from our worldwide network.

♥  Offering high quality products and service that satisfy our customers’ needs and aim to be the best distributor       of choice in personal care and supplement business in Asian.

♥  To be the best partner with customers and suppliers by creating a reliable relationship and sustainable growth. 

♥  Adhering to good governance principles and ethics with Thai manners, as well as social responsibility.

  • Core Values

♥  Customer Focus

♥  Result Oriented

♥  People Development

♥  Business Partnership

♥  Excellence in Supply Chain Management