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Ti-Natsurf QCB

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INCI NAME : Aqua (Water),
Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine,
Myristamine Oxide,
Caprylyl/capryl glucoside,
Decyl glucoside

Application : Sulfate free surfactant
Appearance : Clear slightly yellow liquid


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          TI-NatSurf™ QCB is a unique, naturally inspired proprietary system comprised of nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants. The materials used in TI-NatSurf™ QCB have been balanced in order to maximize each components performance characteristics, while maintaining reasonable economics.

The novel use of synergistic ingredients in TI-NatSurf™ QCB provides a unique product with superior foam performance to traditional sulphate and ether sulphate based systems. The foam generated is an extremely stable matrix of small uniform bubbles. TI-NatSurf™ QCB is uniquely designed to provide complete compatibility with quaternary ammonium compounds and other cationics.

          TI-NatSurf™ QCB can be used in aerated pump foaming systems, as well as traditional hand pumps systems for toiletry preparations. TI-NatSurf™ QCB may be used as the primary or as the secondary surfactant in a variety of bath products, and its cationic compatibility makes it an excellent candidate for “2 in 1” . It also has excellent compatibility with traditional anionic systems, such as lauryl and laureth sulphates and a variety of sulphonates.

          TI-NatSurf™ QCB can be readily dispersed in cold or warm water. When formulating products for aerated pump foaming systems, the recommended use level is between 10% and 12% actives of TI-NatSurf™ QCB, and 18 % actives or higher for body and hair products. These use levels will depend on the quality of products desired, and any other ingredients used in combination with the TI-NatSurf™ QCB in the final prep-aration.


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